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Announcement | 公告


Here’s my personal blog on which I may post stuffs like what I am learning recently, what I found fascinating and want to talk about, or just random thoughts.


I have been learning programming for quite some time, but I havn’t really done that much summarizing yet.

That’s why I decided to start this blog.

I’d like to write down everything I learned, so it’s easy for me to pick them up later if I forgot them at some point and need to do so. I will also post some technical problems and difficulties I encountered and try to explain my solution and my thought process.

What’s the plan?

I still havn’t fully figured out what I might want to post. But most likely, it would be among these categories:

  • Data structures, Algorithms
  • Computer Networking
  • Object-oriented Programming and Design Patterns
  • Operating Systems
  • New Programming Languages and Features
  • Tools, Techniques and Tricks

Inspirations will most likely come from:

  • My courses and appointments
  • My personal projects and projects with my friends
  • My own understanding of a book

I will not be covering the front-end side of thing, since that’s not the path I will be taking. But anything can change in the future, so who knows?

I will try to keep the blog all-English to open my contents to a broader audience, and improve my English writing skills at the same time.


This is my personal blog, which means most of the time the articles will certainly not be up to professional standards and may even be straight up inaccurate. The main purpose of this blog is for me to document my learning process, the main target reader is myself.

For any consequence caused by the use of my blog content, I will not bear any legal responsibilities.

If you end up losing your job or accidentally deleting your company’s database after following my blog, well, that’s your fault for believing some random guy on the internet when doing something so crucial. 😊

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.


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